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to sum up valentines day

to sum up valentines day

Lucifer the kindest angel.

Lucifer the kindest angel.


The Student Life Network is giving away the best prize pack in Canadian student history.  It starts with $20k for school and five Dell XPS Ultrabooks to share with friends. 

Register to win at:  Canadian students 13+ only.

My father found my lighter, and now believes I’m a drug addict, this week just gets better and better, throw your worst at me world!

united we stand, divided we fall.

Peeta: hey I just met you
Peeta: and this is crazy
Peeta: but here's some burnt bread
Peeta: so call me maybe

You’re not getting older, you’re just getting old.
And your finish wears thin as your stories get told.
Yet you’ve somehow impressed her, she’s already sold.
The one page in your book that’s still shining in gold says
Wishing for the years to flash by has left me blind.
Waiting for the few fleeting moments where the world makes sense to me.

well done!

well done!


Hunger Games PSAs
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